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Dr Anton Hughes - Barrister

Professional Biography and Experience

Dr Anton Hughes has a broad practice with a focus on intellectual property. He has a strong background as a legal academic, coming to the practice of law after completing a PhD in patent law. Dr Hughes’ thesis looked at the complex issue of whether software should be patentable, and built on his previous career as a computer programmer, developing enterprise-grade web applications. Dr Hughes has authored a number of academic articles, and is in the process of turning his thesis into a monograph.

Having completed a PhD in patent law, Dr Hughes worked as a judge’s associate and then as a criminal law solicitor, where he developed his advocacy skills in a high volume environment.

Since coming to the bar, Dr Hughes has appeared in a number of patent matters, including as a junior Research Affiliates v Commissioner of Patents, an appeal to the Full Federal Court considering the patentability of business methods.

Dr Hughes regularly appears in a range of jurisdictions, including the District Court, Supreme Court, Federal Court and Family Court. Dr Hughes appears in IP, commercial law and criminal law matters.

Dr. Hughes specialises in Intellectual Property, Communications and Media, Commercial and Criminal law.


  • BEng Bachelor of Engineering (University of Queensland)
  • LLB Bachelor of Laws (Hons) (University of Tasmania))
  • GradCertCommercialisation Graduate Certificate in Commercialisation (University of Tasmania)
  • PhD Doctor of Philosopy in Patent Law ( University of Tasmania)
  • Trade Mark owner - 1 trade mark in 4 classes

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Contact Details

Please contact us on 8233 0300 or 4254 5312

Email: a.hughes@mauricebyers.com

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