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In-House Counsel Outsourcing

Intellectual Property, Information Technology and risk management forms a large part of Sweeny Legal's practice. More and more, lawyers in the corporate sector and in-house legal service providers are looking for opportunities to contribute to the community using their legal skills. At Sweeny Legal we are an experienced in-house legal counsel, and we do provide in-house outsourcing as part of legal services provision.

Corporate in-house legal services are all about managing and assessing risk, managing and assessing liabilities and managing and assessing your compliance in a business environment using an audit strategy. It can involve Information Technology and Intellectual Property agreements, and any type of Business Agreement or Business Relationship.

If you are a small business enterprise (SME) or Corporate Commercial Enterprise and need corporate in-house legal services.

Sweeny Legal Commercial services can provide:

  • due diligence legal advice and reporting generally;
  • due diligence legal advice in relation to intellectual property and information technology;
  • licensing agreement of all types, Brandsworth Licensing;
  • establishing, acquiring, and divesting businesses;
  • structuring and establishing companies, joint ventures, partnerships and other strategic business alliances;
  • Corporations Act advice and compliance;
  • advising owners and directors on strategic matters, and on their legal duties and rights;
  • commercial agreements relevant to specific industry needs, including licensing, distribution and agency agreements;
  • commercialisation and innovation of intellectual property rights;
  • confidentiality agreements;
  • trade practices law breach and compliance work.

Not-For-Profit, Galleries and libraries

Sweeny Legal IP has had extensive experience in collections and exhibits, museum and gallery law and for all types if industry, professional and industry associations.

Our services include:

  • establishing appropriate legal structures;
  • governance responsibilities and ethical issues;
  • establishing title to and authenticity of objects;
  • acquiring objects;
  • donations, gifts and bequests;
  • accessioning, deaccessioning and disposal;
  • loans and touring insurance advise;
  • statutory protection of cultural material and cultural intellectual property;
  • licensing, merchandising and sponsorship;
  • public liability insurance.

General Individual, corporate commercial and IP legal services

Sweeny Legal IP provides advise in the management of legal rights in a complex, hardcopy and digital world.

Our services include:

  • publishing agreements;
  • prepublication advice ;
  • joint author arrangements and agreements;
  • acquisition, clearance and licensing of intellectual property rights;
  • copyright advice;
  • digital rights management;
  • trade mark registration and protection;
  • confidential information;
  • passing off and misleading and deceptive conduct;
  • arrangements with collecting societies;
  • distribution and warehousing agreements;
  • litigation and dispute resolution;
  • ebook and apps agreements;
  • author agreements of all types.

Arts, music and designers

Sweeny Legal IP acts for composers, bands, musicians, artists, sculptors, video artists, graphic artists, film producers, design companies, public libraries, museums, commercial galleries and industry organisations.

Our services include:

  • multi-media, online services and new technology;
  • commissioning agreements;
  • gallery-artist relationships;
  • exhibition and touring insurance matters;
  • leasing of works;
  • licensing of rights;
  • collecting societies;
  • consultant and designers’ agreements, and terms and conditions;
  • copyright and designs law, moral rights;
  • insurance;
  • sponsorship and merchandising agreements.

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