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E-commerce and Intellectual Property

Sweeny Legal Commercial has a vast experience in business and commercial transactions of all types, commercial agreement drafting, gap analysis and review.

Including developing all types of agreements, terms and conditions for the online business world including:

  • small business (SME) terms and conditions agreements;
  • commercial and corporate terms and conditions agreements;
  • supply agreements;
  • assignment of goodwill;
  • service level agreements (SLAs);
  • distribution agreements;
  • sponsorship agreements;
  • consultancy agreements;
  • franchise agreements;
  • agency agreements;
  • advertising agreements;
  • partnership agreements;
  • IT agreements, and licence agreements;
  • merchandising agreements;
  • independent contractor agreements/consultancy agreements;
  • confidentiality agreements & non-disclosure deeds (NDAs);
  • management of information assets and brands: copyright, trademarks, registered designs, domain names and e-commerce, misrepresentations, misleading and deceptive conduct;
  • review business advertising and marketing material for legal compliance and clearance;
  • electronic click wrap licensing agreement drafting for all types of services and products;
  • website terms and conditions drafting;
  • website privacy policy development.

Intellectual Property legal services

  • commercialisation of intellectual property;
  • intellectual property audits (this checks business compliance status an allows for rectification);
  • search engine optimization, SEO advice regarding cataloging websites and tagging search words, such as legal metatag advice on your website;
  • registration of logos, domain names, trade marks, and designs (registration of business name alone is not sufficient protection);
  • copyright advice, obtaining copyright clearance and permissions, copyright licence & copyright assignment;
  • defending infringements of trade marks, designs, copyright and domain names, and moral rights;
  • confidential information agreements;
  • IT development, support & maintenance agreements;
  • software development agreements;
  • artist agreements for exhibitions;
  • architects and drafting copyright plan agreements;
  • performance agreements;
  • film recording agreements;
  • authored works agreements and joint authorship agreements;
  • screenplay and film rights agreements;
  • Indigenous Cultural Intellectual Property and Traditional Knowledge;
  • protecting, managing and enforcing intellectual property rights;
  • intellectual property, innovation and commercialisation advice;
  • protection for new inventions to market;
  • patent registration advice;
  • plant breeders rights (PBRs) advice;
  • designs law registration and advice;
  • trade mark registration and advice.

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