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Audit services - IP and Corporate and SME

In-House Counsel legal Services, Audit and Due Diligence Legal Services – Intellectual Property, Corporate Commercial and SME legal services

Tracy Sweeny is a former in-house legal counsel, corporate, commercial and government lawyer and has an extensive experience with corporate and government audit.

Sweeny Legal IP provides corporate outsourcing for commercial and IP issues as part of the in-house legal services:

Commercial Contracts

  • sales, distribution, agency, licensing, manufacturing or franchise contracts;
  • supply or purchase agreements;
  • contracts with sub contractors;
  • joint venture or partnership agreements;
  • distribution agreements;
  • management agreements;
  • software escrow agreements;
  • transportation agreements;
  • contracts entered into outside the ordinary course of business; and
  • contracts with government entities.

Intellectual Property 

  • patents;
  • trademarks (registered and unregistered);
  • copyright;
  • registered designs;
  • business names;
  • trading names;
  • logos; and
  • domain names;
  • software escrow services

Intellectual Property Ownership

  • certificates of registration;
  • registration applications;
  • licenses, authorised user agreements or other arrangements; and
  • IP assignments.

Intellectual Property Infringement

  • against your company; or
  • by your company.

Information Technology

  • licenses; and
  • maintenance agreements.

A thorough due diligence requires working through a much more detailed checklist, which takes into account the nature and objectives of the particular audit and all the relevant assets and liabilities, both current and contingent.

Liability by a scheme approved under Professional Standards Legislation